Valet Parking

Having a private valet company assist you in your wedding is a great idea. Hiring a private valet company will allow your guests to park their cars stress free, this will also allow for organized parking. There are some very important things you must take into consideration before hiring a private valet service. We put this article together because we realize you might need some help in knowing what to look for.

Before you can make any decisions, you will need some candidates to check out. And the best way to find candidates is to search the world wide web with a Google search. Read any reviews you can find as well and this should lead you to some quality companies. Another potential source are your wedding vendors that you have already booked. The wedding world is tight and vendors know each other.

Now that you have found a valet company that you are interested in you will need to give them a call to setup interviews. Have plenty of questions prepared. Ask questions such as, how long have you been in business? The longer a valet service has been in business the more experience they will have. How many weddings has your company worked for? Your valet service should be familiar with working in weddings. Ask to see the valet attendants driving records. This is very important. The valet attendants should have clean driving records. They should have no accidents, and no speeding or parking tickets. If a valet attendant has anything on their driving record, you should look for a different company to hire. How old are the valet attendants? The older the valets the more driving experience they are likely to have. How many years experience do the valet attendants have? They should have at least two years experience working as a valet attendant. The final question you should ask is if they carry general liability insurance. If anything happens to your guests' cars the company should be responsible for the damages.

When you make a decision, ask if you need to put down a down payment to reserve their services. A valet company will require that you sign a contract. You should read the contract before you provide a signature. The contract should outline the company's obligation to you, and your obligation to them. Never sign a contract that you do not understand, or one that you do not agree with. Having a private valet service at your wedding is a great idea. Hiring a private valet company will allow for organized and quick parking. Your guests will enjoy the convenience.

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