Are you considering having calligraphy invitations created for your special day? We think it is a great idea. Calligraphy is the ancient Greek art of writing. It is executed by using a broad tip instrument or a brush. Hiring a calligrapher to provide your wedding invitations can be difficult, especially if you do not know where to begin. That is where we come in. We are here to help you not only know here to begin, but also know how to find and book an artist that you will be more than happy with.

Finding potential professionals is your first mission to be accomplished. There are a couple of different avenues you should pursue. Use the internet and contact any wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with. Both of these are excellent sources. If you still have trouble finding calligraphers, visit your local stationery store. Stationery stores often keep contact information for the local calligraphers.

Before you begin contacting the calligraphers on your list there are some things you will need to determine. It is essential that you pick out a color scheme. You will also need to decide upon a script. You can look on the internet for examples of scripts. Will you have envelopes addressed? If so, you will need to have a list of your guests and their addresses.

Setup some interviews with your candidates. This will allow you to determine what level of skill your calligrapher has. This will also give you some ideas for your wedding invitations. If you have not decided upon a script, your calligrapher can give you some ideas. Ask all of the calligraphers to create an example invitation for you.

Now that you have an example invitation from all of the calligraphers you can now choose your favorite. Whichever one you fall in love with will determine the calligrapher for your wedding. You should hire your calligrapher six months in advance depending upon the number of invitations you have. We hope this article helps you when it comes to one of your most important hires for your wedding.

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